Best Augmented Reality Glasses: Is There Anything Worth Getting Yet?

Augmented reality is one of the latest buzz phrases in the world of advanced technology. It’s right up there with “virtual reality”, even though you may not be quite as familiar with it. When trying to determine which are the best augmented reality glasses at this point in time, it’s really worth asking the question: Is there anything worth buying yet?

You can group augmented reality (AR) technology into three areas of interest – enterprise (including business and developer uses), consumer, and specialty. (These are my own designations, so you may not find them elsewhere.) There is some overlap among these groups, but in general, it helps to know which target audience a certain piece of hardware is aimed at and to know whether or not you are in that audience.

Some of the optics discussed below are already available at Amazon. Others you can only get from the manufacturer, and a few, as of this writing, aren’t even available from them yet.

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