Cubs’ Jorge Soler Designs His Own Binoculars

It would seem that when you’re not actually playing the game, you get bored easily.

You then start looking for ways to get on camera just like the nine players out on the baseball field.

Jorge Soler figured out one way. He designed his own pair of binoculars to watch the game.

Just because they have no lenses doesn’t matter in the least.


If Jorge doesn’t get back into the starting lineup soon, I wonder what he will come up with next to get some attention.

What are some of the zanier antics you remember seeing players come up with while on the sidelines?


Gary is a bird watcher and amateur astronomer. This means he's set up several bird feeders in his backyard and likes looking at the night sky when the weather is warm. To those ends, he uses optics appropriate for those avocations.

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