CVLIFE Rifle Scopes: Inexpensive But Do They Work?

CVLIFE 3-9x40 rifle scope
CVLIFE 3-9×40 rifle scope

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CVLIFE makes more than a dozen different styles of rifle scopes. You can find many of them (as of this writing) here on Amazon. The question is whether or not CVLIFE rifle scopes are worth even a little of your money.

In this overview and review of CVLIFE scopes, I’ll take a quick look at several of them to help you determine if a CVLIFE rifle scope is in your future or not.

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What Styles of Scopes Does CVLIFE Make?

You can group CVLIFE rifle scopes into three categories – hunting, tactical, and reflex. I make this generalization based on how they name their scopes and the scopes’ style. It’s not that you couldn’t use a tactical scope while hunting, for example.

Using those categories, we see that they currently make more tactical scopes than any other kind. (As of this writing, not all of them are available at Amazon. This could easily change in the future.) I count 7 tactical scopes, 3 specified as hunting scopes, and 4 reflex style scopes.

Which CVLIFE Rifle Scopes Are Made for Hunting?

CVLife 2.5-10x40
CVLife 2.5-10×40

A very popular model is the CVLIFE Optics Hunting Rifle Scope 2.5-10x40e. It has a laser which you may or may not find useful. Some say that you can see it in daylight; others say you can’t. I suppose it depends on just how much daylight the users were actually talking about.

The eye relief varies, depending on the magnification setting, from about 76 to 102 millimeters. That may not be enough to protect your eye from recoil on larger rifles, but it should be fine on less powerful ones.

The illuminated reticle comes in both red and green, which have 5 brightness settings each.

Batteries are included – a set of CR 2032 units for the reticle and a CR 123 for the laser. Both of these types are common enough that you should easily be able to buy additional ones when your first set wears out.

You get two mounts – 11 millimeter and 20 millimeter. According to the specifications from CVLIFE, these are Weaver dovetail, but the interesting (though long) video below seems to indicate you get more than that.

Other accessories include a set of lens covers, cleaning cloth, and Allen wrench for installing the scope.

As with all of these scopes, there is no user manual in the package. The user manual for this model is 4 jpg files on the CVLIFE website that are too small to read without expanding/magnifying them and too large to fit on the screen after expansion. Printing them would be the best option, which sort of defeats the purpose of having them online.

Here is a comprehensive video from Amateur Redneck Workshop hosted by Harold. As I mentioned, it is rather long, but I think you will learn a lot about the scope in particular and, especially if you’re a beginner, about rifle scopes in general.

Check out the CVLIFE 2.5-10x40e scope at Amazon.

The CVLIFE Optics Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24×50 may even be more popular than the scope above. It’s basically the same as the previous scope but more powerful.

CVLIFE 6-24x50
CVLIFE 6-24×50

Harold also made a video about this one. It’s a little shorter – under 20 minutes.

Find your CVLIFE 6-24×50 Rifle Scope at Amazon.

The final hunting scope from CVLIFE that I’ll mention is the 4×32 Compact Rifle Scope. Again, it is in most ways similar to those above, except that it is obviously a compact model and the power is different. If you need (or want) a shorter scope, this one is worth looking into.

CVLIFE 4x32 Compact
CVLIFE 4×32 Compact

See more about the CVLIFE 4×32 Compact at Amazon.

Which Tactical Scopes Does CVLIFE Make?

Let’s look at four of the eight tactical models currently available from CVLIFE.

CVLIFE 4x32 Tactical
CVLIFE 4×32 Tactical

The first is the 4×32 Tactical Rifle Scope. At 5.5 inches long, this model is more compact than the others below. It has 3 colors for illumination – red, green, and blue. Each of these colors has 3 brightness settings.

Unfortunately, CVLIFE does not give the eye relief measurement for this scope. Note that this scope does not have zoom capability. It is permanently set to 4x.

The other three scopes in this tactical category all zoom from 3x to 9x. The main difference from one to the next is the size of the objective lens – 32, 40, or 56 millimeters.

CVLIFE 3-9x32
CVLIFE 3-9×32

The eye relief for the 32mm scope is 4.2 inches. Figures for the other scopes are not available.

CVLIFE 3-9x40
CVLIFE 3-9×40

The 32mm scope is of medium length at 8.6 inches. The other two are longer: the 40mm is 12.2 inches, and the 56mm is 12.6 inches.

CVLIFE 3-9x56
CVLIFE 3-9×56

You get a set of rifle mounts with each of these models. It seems, based on descriptions and pictures at the CVLIFE site, that they are all Weaver dovetail mounts.

You may see (at least) the 3-9×32 model referred to as an AOL scope. I think this means “adjustable objective lens”. If so, then this would apply to all three of these scopes, since you can zoom each of them as mentioned earlier.

Other tactical models not currently found at Amazon are the 1.5-4x30BE, 2-7x32E, and the 3-9x42E. (I have been unable to find the significance of the “BE” and “E” suffixes on these models.) You can see if their availability has changed using the links below.

Which Reflex Style Rifle Scopes Does CVLIFE Make?

A reflex scope has a large viewing area that does not magnify (1x) the target. It has unlimited eye relief, and you can usually look through it with both eyes.

CVLIFE 1x22x33 Reflex
CVLIFE 1x22x33 Reflex

Most of the reflex scopes currently available at Amazon have a 22 by 33 millimeter screen. One has a laser with a red dot; the other two both have red and green dots. The main difference between these last two seems to be an improved mechanism for turning the dots on and off.

Reflex laser
Reflex laser

You should be able to mount them using any rail system.

Finally, CVLIFE lists one more scope as both tactical and reflex. It’s just under 2.7 inches long and magnifies just 1x, but it doesn’t have the large viewing area of the other reflex scopes.

Though currently unavailable, I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes back to Amazon soon. You can check using the link below.

CVLIFE Micro Relex Scope with QD Quick Riser Mount

Conclusions about the CVLIFE Rifle Scopes

For the extremely low price, compared to most other rifle scopes, it’s hard to go wrong with any of these CVLIFE models. Some users have expressed a certain amount of disappointment with the specific scope they received, but they realize that’s the chance they took.

On the other hand, many more are very pleased with what they got for their money. If you don’t expect everything you’d get (higher quality especially) in a higher priced model, you too should be happy with your purchase.

Check out all the CVLIFE rifle scopes at Amazon now!

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