Gosky Titan 12×50 Monocular: Good Optics, Questionable Phone Adapter

If you want to take pictures and create videos with your cell phone and an inexpensive, small, handheld, optical device, you should check out the Gosky Titan 12×50 High Power Monocular. This is a very popular package that should do just what you want, assuming you can get it to work properly for you.

First though, I want to comment on the brand name: Gosky. Official company documents spell this name as I have above: Gosky. However, the logo on optical instruments, such as the Titan, look like they include a capital S in the middle, as if the name were “Go Sky”. Since that makes a lot of sense for optics such as these, I’m going to write “GoSky” from here on out (and pronounce it in my head as “Go Sky” to boot).

In general, other reviews of the Titan are extremely positive. It’s the smartphone adapter that is sometimes a problem. Let’s look at what you get in this package deal and see if there are potential problems in store for you.

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Quality Features Found in the Gosky Titan 12×50 Monocular

As the name itself tells you, this monocular magnifies distant objects 12 times (12x) normal. The 50 in the name means that the objective lens – the one at the far end away from your eye – measures 50 millimeters in diameter. That’s a good size for letting in lots of light to give you a clear view of your target.

GoSky Titan 12x50 Monocular
GoSky Titan 12×50 Monocular

The lenses are fully multi-coated, which means they have been treated to show you an image as much like the actual thing as possible. The lenses (at least the objective) also has a green film coating. I’m not sure why GoSky adds this. The effect would be to eliminate some (not all) of the greens that your eye sees.

The prism inside, which is used to make a longer telescope into this shorter monocular, is of BAK4 material, which is fairly standard and good quality.

The inside is filled with either nitrogen or argon, depending on which statement from the company you believe. (It really doesn’t make much difference.) The result is that the Titan monocular is waterproof, fog proof, and dustproof. Nothing should get inside to mess up the optics. I couldn’t find a waterproof rating, so you probably don’t want to purposely dunk it in the water. A little rain shouldn’t hurt it though.

On the outside, you get a solid framework coated with rubber armor. Again, don’t purposely mistreat your monocular, but this construction should prevent small, accidental dings and dents from occurring. Combining the outer shell with the quality interior makes this unit shockproof as well.

There are adjustable eye cups that twist up and down, so you should easily be able to find a setting that works for your eyes whether or not you wear glasses.

This Gosky Titan package does not come with a tripod, but there is a standard ¼ inch threaded hole in the bottom where you can attach one. You’ll probably want a tripod, if you intend to take pictures or video with your phone, and especially if you zoom in with your phone. (More on that later.)

Specifications of the GoSky Titan Monocular

The Titan measures about 2.1 inches by 2.95 inches by 5.3 inches. The company page (and thus also Amazon) state that the 5.3 inches is for the height. I think that’s only if you stand the monocular on an end. Most of us would usually call that the length. With that in mind, the unit is a little “taller” than it is wide because the focusing dial sits on top.

The Titan only comes in black. It weighs just under 14 ounces. The field of view (FOV) is 289 feet at 1000 yards. That’s not bad for an instrument like this.

Eye relief is 17 millimeters, but you’ll likely want to have your eye as close as possible when not using your phone’s camera.

You also get a soft carrying bag, caps for both lenses, a cleaning cloth, and a wrist strap. All of these items should help protect and extend the use of your monocular.

The Phone Adapter for Digiscoping Will Probably Work

Finally we come to the phone adapter, which may be one of the main reasons you’re considering getting this package deal.

GoSky intends this to be a universal adapter. They state that it should work with all sorts of brands and sizes of phones – iPhone, Samsung, Sony, LG, and many more.

Since it seemed that some users – iPhone owners especially – were having troubles getting the adapter to work properly, I asked the company about the dimensions of the gadget.

You can adjust the width of the adapter from 55 to 102 millimeters (about 2.16 to 4.02 inches). The maximum depth of a phone that the holder can handle is 12 millimeters (about 0.47 inches).

In some cases, this may mean you’ll have to take your phone out of its protective case (assuming, like most people, you have yours in one).

I think that those users who couldn’t get it to work probably just didn’t know how to line it up properly. You may also want to zoom in on your phone to get a “full” picture. If you don’t, you’ll probably get a circular image instead. Then again, that might be just the effect you were looking for.

The adapter is not made of the toughest material possible. You’ll want to be a little careful about handling it so you don’t break it. This is about what I’d expect for the price you pay for the package though.

Conclusions about the GoSky Titan 12×50 Monocular

As I mentioned earlier, this is a very popular monocular. It looks very much like those from other manufacturers but which cost a lot more. Owners of the Titan have virtually nothing bad to say about the monocular itself. Again, there is a small percentage who have trouble getting their iPhones to take pictures with it.

There are a number of monoculars (some with adapters included) in this price range. I think this is the package I’d try first considering the number of satisfied customers.

If you want to give it a shot, click the button below to find yours at Amazon.

Gosky Titan 12×50 Monocular

Check the pricing and availability of the Gosky Titan at Amazon.

Gosky Titan Monocular

Check the pricing and availability of Gosky Titan monoculars at Ebay.

If the Gosky Titan didn’t wow you, check out a plethora of other models in this overview.

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  1. I’m trying to contact “GoSky Optics.” I recently purchased a GoSky spotting scope but can’t reach their customer service or support. It’s apparently easy to purchase a GoSky product, but impossible to reach them.

    1. Sorry to hear that, Wes. I don’t have any other contact info for them.

      What exactly have you tried? A phone call and got a wrong or disconnected number? A phone call where it just kept ringing? An email that was rejected? An email that was never responded to? Or…?


      1. Hi Gary! Thanks for your response. Yes, I’ve tried all their contact information (phone, email) including leaving a message with the seller on Amazon. None of their contact information is correct with both phone and email indicating that neither is reachable. The phone number that was provided indicates that it is a non-working number and the email address advertised comes back as an email that doesn’t exist. Looking at recent reviewers that claim they have contacted customer service makes me wonder if these are bogus reviews. I’ve tried everything and can’t reach them.

        1. Sorry that nothing is working. I’m afraid I don’t have any better info. And yes, some reviews may be bogus here – it wouldn’t be the first time.


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