Japanese Binoculars Soccer Is a Real Hoot

Who knows what possessed these people to try it, but this Japanese Binoculars Soccer video is hilarious.

The video is several years old, but not everyone has seen it yet. So here’s your chance.

I think part of the problem these people have is that the binoculars cut off their peripheral vision. Then of course, add the fact that the binoculars make everything look closer than it really is, and you’ve got a ridiculous obstacle to overcome.

Some of them look like they’re actually hurting themselves – or others – when trying to kick the ball.

What’s with those striped “uniforms” they’re wearing? And why aren’t they organized into two teams?

I guess it doesn’t really matter because no one seems to be able to get the ball near a goal anyway.

And what’s with the guy in the bunny hat?


Gary is a bird watcher and amateur astronomer. This means he's set up several bird feeders in his backyard and likes looking at the night sky when the weather is warm. To those ends, he uses optics appropriate for those avocations.

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