Harris F5032: “New” Night Vision Binoculars

Whether you are a “warfighter” or not, these new night vision binoculars may be right up your alley.

Harris F5032 night vision
Harris F5032

The following article is a slightly-altered press release from Harris.

Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS) introduces the F5032 Lightweight Night Vision Binocular that increases a warfighter’s night and low-light capabilities, while helping to reduce eye fatigue on extended missions.

Harris F5032 Features

The Harris F5032’s 25 centimeter, close-focus range capability allows users to conduct tasks on the battlefield that were previously not possible.

The new binocular features fixed and adjustable diopter lenses – eliminating a soldier’s need to change static lenses for personal or mission specific requirements. This feature allows users to easily adjust their lenses during a mission to help reduce eye fatigue.

The new Harris goggle includes an integrated infrared illuminator, reducing the need for the soldier to carry a separate illuminator. Image intensifiers enable soldiers to operate in low- and no-light combat scenarios more effectively than ever before and can easily be replaced at the unit level.

“This new Harris lightweight binocular delivers much more capability than any other fielded models,” said Erik Fox, vice president and general manager, Harris night vision business.

“We’re excited to make these available at a time when reduced size, weight and power (SWaP) and ease of use are major concerns for warfighters in a complex tactical environment.”

If you can’t find the Harris F5032 anywhere, check out these Bushnell options instead.

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