Sonicking 3-9×40 Rifle Scope: Amazing for the Price

Sonicking 3-9x40 Rifle Scope
Sonicking 3-9×40 Rifle Scope

Sonicking (which you should think of as “Sonic King”, not “sonick-ing”) offers a 3-9×40 AO rifle scope that will barely put a crease in your wallet. You can easily find it for less than $50. At that price point, it’s certainly worth a first as well as a second look.

Other reviewers have found many positive points to make about it, so I’ll give you the details here along with some of their thoughts. I think this will be enough to convince you to at least give it a chance, again, especially considering the low cost.

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Unexpected Features for the Price

You won’t find every feature in the Sonicking scope that you will in the high end models, but that’s why those are the high end models. Still, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that there are some features here that you probably weren’t expecting.

For example, the glass is fully multi-coated. Sonicking could have gotten away with far less in the coatings area for the amount they are asking. Yet, you get the best set of coatings currently available in optics.

In addition to allowing over 90% of ambient light to pass through the scope, the lenses are also scratch resistant. For some users, this aspect of the glass might even be more important than the light transmission. If you tend to use your rifle for hunting in areas with a lot of brush, scratches could be a common problem. You shouldn’t have to worry about twigs and branches messing up your scope lenses when using the Sonicking.

The outer coating also makes the lenses resistant to oily substances and dirt particles in general.

Less important is the fact that the multi-coating gives you accurate colors. You’re not using this Sonicking tactical scope as a bird watcher would use a spotting scope or a pair of binoculars, so color isn’t such a big deal. That said, it’s good know that what you’re seeing is the color your target actually is.

An Adjustable Objective Tames the Parallax Problem

Another unexpected feature, one that many pricier rifle scopes don’t even have, is an adjustable objective (AO) lens.

As a hunter or target shooter, you’re already aware of parallax. Being able to turn the objective lens, adjusting it from 10 yards to infinity, helps you compensate for the parallax problem.

In the 12-minute video below from the Amateur Redneck Workshop, the reviewer makes mention of this as well. Take a few minutes to watch this well-done video review. Spoiler alert: He likes this Sonicking scope too.

Use the Sonicking Scope on Almost Any Rifle

Some have asked if you can use this scope on air guns and other high recoil rifles. According to Sonicking, you should be able to, because they have created it to withstand shock and other vibrations and have tested it successfully.

The tube is made of 6061-T6, an aluminum, magnesium, and silicon tempered alloy, for strength and toughness. This is yet another feature you might not have anticipated in a scope at this price level, but there it is.

The only piece of this package that could initially restrict which rifle you use this scope with is the Picatinny rail that is included. If you use a Weaver rail instead, you’ll have to make some changes on one side or the other so you can mount it properly on your stock.

General Specifications of the Sonicking Rifle Scope

As you can tell from the model “name”, you can magnify your target from 3 to 9 times actual size. That is a very common range for a hunting scope.

The tube is nitrogen-filled, so it is both waterproof and fogproof. Sonicking doesn’t specify the grade of waterproofing, but that usually isn’t a concern for hunters.

Sonicking turrets
Sonicking turrets

Your windage and elevation turrets come with screw-on caps to protect them when not is use.

The 40 millimeter objective lens comes with a lens cover, again, to protect it when you’re not using the scope.

Adjustable objective lens
Adjustable objective lens

The tube has a one-inch diameter. The entire scope is just over 12 inches long (31 centimeters) and weighs about ¾ of a pound (345 grams).

The exit pupil ranges from 0.2 to 0.67 inches (5.1 to 16.9 millimeters), so as with most scopes, you don’t have to place your eye too close to the eyepiece lens.

One user had this comment (which I think is accurate) about the reticle and how to make adjustments.

“Well the one I got has the 5 step reticle and it’s for crossbows but it will work for .22 because they drop fast. It will work for any caliber really if you just keep in mind that the steps are going to be about 4 MOA for the first 3 and about 6 MOA for the last 2.”

Conclusions about the Sonicking Rifle Scope

I’ll say it once more, this is an excellent scope for the money you’ll pay. To get all these features and still pay less than $50 is almost unheard of.

As of this writing, you should consider this a fairly new release, so you won’t find many other opinions on it, but I think the Redneck video above does a nice job of presenting the scope fairly. (If you skipped watching it earlier, I really recommend going back to look at it now. I am not affiliated with that reviewer.)

Sonicking Rifle Scope

Check the pricing and availability of the Sonicking 3-9×40 AO rifle scope at Amazon.

Sonicking Rifle Scope

Check the pricing and availability of Sonicking rifle scopes at Ebay

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