Sonicking rifle bipod

Sonicking Adjustable Rifle Bipod: A Solid Newcomer

Sonicking Rifle Bipod
Sonicking Rifle Bipod

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As a hunter or target shooter, sometimes you want to take the time to make a more stable setting for your gun. That’s when you need to consider using a bipod – a two-legged attachment that goes under the forepart of your rifle. The Sonicking adjustable rifle bipod is just such an aid.

There are dozens of rifle bipods available in the market, especially on Amazon. Many are very similar to the Sonicking model, especially the offering from CVLIFE. In fact, the only real difference between these two is the metal from which they are made.

According to Sonicking, “The biggest difference is that CVLIFE is made of aluminum and steel, and Sonicking is made of T6-6061 aerospace grade aluminum alloy.”

That sounds like the Sonicking is made of sturdier stuff. How much sturdier is hard to tell.

The Sonicking rifle bipod is resistant to overloads and high impacts. It should be able to withstand the kickback from most rifles and hold itself together for another round.

You get a Picatinny rail for actually attaching the bipod to your rifle. Some users of the CVLIFE model have complained that their rail was not straight. I have not seen this problem with the Sonicking version.

The legs of the bipod a 6 inches long when not extended at all. You can fully extend them to 9 inches or stop and lock them at several lengths along the way.

The video below, posted by Travisp11, gives you a good look at how to use the Sonicking bipod.

I’m not sure that it would matter to most hunters or shooters, but this bipod is also scratch resistant. If you care about the looks of your equipment that much, then this is a feature you’ll appreciate.

Overall, this is a good, solid, basic bipod, which is what the majority of users want. The price is in the midrange compared to other similar models.

Check the pricing and availability of the Sonicking Adjustable Rifle Bipod on Amazon today.

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