Steiner Commander Binoculars Review: Come Home to the Sea

Steiner Commander 7x50 XP Global
Steiner Commander 7×50 XP Global

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You might not be familiar with the Come Home to the Sea reference in the title of this Steiner Commander binoculars review. If that’s so, let me introduce you to a wonderful piece of music by Mannheim Steamroller. (You probably know them from some of their Christmas tunes.)

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What Are the Similarities Among the Commander Binoculars?

At first glance, the 7 times magnification might not seem like much. However, you don’t really want more than this when you’re on the water. A more powerful magnification factor would make your binoculars to hard to use when trying to settle on your target object. That’s why 7x magnification is the marine standard. You will be able to track other ships, find buoys, and read bridge numbers even if the waves have you rocking.

Steiner’s Sports-Auto-Focus™ System gives you “set it and forget it” capabilities. You focus each eyepiece diopter to your specific vision once. Somehow the optics inside the Commander then keeps things in focus from 20 yards to infinity for you.

You should rarely, if ever, have to touch the diopters again. In fact, you can even store your personal diopter setting for future use. If you share your Commander binoculars with a shipmate, you can easily reset them for your eyes later.

Steiner says the close focus of the binoculars in the Commander line is 66 feet. That doesn’t quite jibe with the 20 yards mentioned above, but it’s close. Perhaps the actual close focus is 22 yards (66 feet), but the auto-focus system works all the way down to 20 yards.

All lenses have Nano-Protection® which is a hydrophobic (fear of water?) molecular coating. This repels all the bad elements – water, dirt, dust, snow, fingerprints – that would otherwise harm your lenses or at least make them less useful.

If they ever do become dirty, cleaning them is a breeze.

Steiner Commander 7x50c
Steiner Commander 7x50c

Steiner’s ClicLoc® system lets you attach and release either a neck strap (see below) or a harness easily with just the push of a button. This is especially handy while on the water where you might otherwise be fumbling with them due to the motion of the water.

You get a padded, bright yellow, floating neckstrap with your Commander binoculars. It has 3M reflective trim that makes them easy to find on the off chance that they do take a dive overboard.

If they ever fall to the deck, the Makrolon® housing, which is a durable polycarbonate with NBR Long Life armoring, will protect them from dents and scratches. The chassis can take up to 11 Gs of impact. It’s very unlikely that you’ll ever get to accidentally test that sturdiness.

The Steiner N2 injection™ system fills the tubes with nitrogen making them both waterproof to a depth of 33 feet and fogproof. They can withstand a wide variety of temperatures – from arctic cold to desert heat.

All models (in fact, all Steiner binoculars) have Ergoflex eyecups, which is why Steiner no longer specifies an eye relief measurement. You can adjust the eyecups as needed for use with or without glasses.

Finally, you get both objective and eyepiece covers, a carrying case, and the standard Heritage Warranty. You are covered and protected in virtually every situation.

Conclusions about the Steiner Commander Binoculars

If you need the best for use on the high seas anywhere in the world, you want the Commander Global binoculars.

If you stay on the waters near home most of the time but still need the compass, check out the Commander 7x50c or (if size and weight are a concern) the Commander 7x30c.

If you don’t need the compass because you’ll probably always be in sight of land, the Commander 7×50 without the compass should work just fine.

All of these German-made binoculars are top-of-the-line and will satisfy your seafaring needs.

If you have determined that you don’t really need or want the power built into the binoculars in Steiner’s Commander series, check out this article about other Steiner binoculars. There is probably something there that will better fit your purposes.

But if you know that one of the Commanders is just right for you…

Check out the pricing and availability of the Steiner Commander binoculars at Amazon now.

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