Super Supermoon Visible November 14, 2016

You might already know what a supermoon is because they are actually fairly common, despite their rare-sounding name.

In case you don’t know, most people call a full moon that is closer to earth than average a supermoon.

So what’s a super supermoon?

That’s when the full moon is not just closer than average but is as close as it can possibly get.

Why doesn’t that happen every time we have a full moon? When will the next super supermoon be visible? (Hint: Look at the headline above.) And what does syzygy have to do with it?

For that answers to these questions and more, watch the short video below. You should feel educated after you’re done.

Hopefully you’ll have the opportunity to see this moon through a good pair of binoculars because the next one won’t be hanging around until November 25, 2034!

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